Red Rain, Alien Invasion, E T, or Something Else?

Red Rain, Alien Invasion?


Red rain Fell in Sri Lanka

Red rainIn November of 2012, red rain fell in Sri Lanka. People were panicked and some thought it was raining blood. According to the science channel, red rain fell for 60 days. Could the water harm humans? Is it the end of the world?

Although people laugh at such worries, you may want to stop laughing and pay attention. Something cause the rain to turn red. But what could it be?

The event of Red Rain, the week before!

Following the fall of red rain in Sri Lanka, scientist came to investigate this strange occurrence. After all, it has happened in the past. Tornadoes have been known to suck dust from the ground and drop it as red rain or brown rain in the past. Frogs, fish and other oddities have been sucked up and dropped with the rain.  However, this would prove to be different.

The week before the monsoon season began, a bright fireball was scene falling from the sky, with parts landing in a farmer’s field. Scientist were able to collect samples of the red rain from some who captured it in plastic bottles. They were also giving fragments of what was determined to be a meteorite. They took these samples to labs to be analyzed. What they found stunned the scientific community and has them know asking more questions.

What they found in the Red Rain of Sri Lanka

ET in red rainWhat you are about to learn is something straight out of Science Fiction! Samples of the red rain were placed under a microscope and to everyone surprise, they say small red micro creatures swimming in the water. Not being able to identify them, they attempted a DNA analysis on these creatures. Not only did these creatures have no known match to anything on this earth, it had NO DNA! The samples lacked phosphorous, a needed ingredient for DNA.

The next step was taken with the meteorite samples collected. When these samples were placed under the microscope, They found what was very similar to the live samples. When these were analyzed, the same exact thing was found. It was a match. These creatures came from the meteorite, so in plain English,   these were micro creatures from Outer Space.

Now for the shocker. The creatures from the red rain in Sri Lanka were multiplying. In an experiment, the creatures were boiled to a temperature of 3.000 degrees C. They survived. To add to all this, the creatures contain uranium traces, which makes them radioactive. Anyone who handles this red rain can have problems and if the water is drank, it could be harmful and even cause death.

This would make a great SiFi movie but it is real. The reality of this is that if it can multiply, survive in harsh conditions, and cause harm to humans and other creatures, what is the fate of life on earth as we know it?

What have you seen?

We are taking the time over the next several months to collect data about real events from real people who have seen UFO’s, Paranormal activity, Strange creatures like Bigfoot, and anything else they feel can’t be explained. Photos, testimonies, videos will all be considered.

Our experience

Back in 2003, while living in Wisconsin, my wife and I would enjoy many nights in our hot tub. Winter months were cold and the hot tub always felt great. One night, we saw a strange light appear. It did not move up or down or side to side. It just appeared like you would turn on a pin light in your home. This light did get brighter and made the illusion of coming closer, directly toward us. Then without any reason, it simple retreated and disappeared.

There days later, in another part of the sky, this strange light came back. No side to side movement. blinking and stayed white in color. Again, it became brighter and brighter and this time we knew it was coming straight toward us. Again, as with the first encounter, it stopped, retreated, and vanished.

The night we will never forget. A week later, the light appeared from the northern part of the sky at about 60 degrees up. This time, the light came so close that I actually began to panic. There is no way to tell just how close it got to us but I would guess maybe 1/4 to 1/2 mile distance. It was huge, bright, and just stopped for a moment. Then, as always, it retreated and vanished.

We never experienced a time laspe as so many do. I know there was never a direct encounter, but it was a strange UFO occurrence.

Tell us what you experienced. Contact us from our page here.

If you have files to attach, use our music submit page instead. Include your phone number. We need to get to the bottom of this and your help is needed.

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