Abbie Stands Unsigned Musician joins B Hive Radio

Abbie Stands Unsigned Musician joins B Hive Radio

We found Abbie Stands on IndieHeaven while searching for new unsigned musicians and we instantly become captivated by her beautiful voice. What inspired us more was the message she shares within her written songs.

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AbbieFrom Columbus, Ohio, Abbie Stands is more then your typical unsigned musician and singer. It easily becomes clear her purpose in sharing her music throughout the United States and beyond. Abbie Stands brings a refreshing inspirational and soulful sound to inspirational and classical- crossover music. Deriving inspiration from artists like Josh Groban, Sandi Patty, Barbra Streisand, Lara Fabian, and Eva Cassidy, Abbie has created a distinctive sound combining vintage and classical influences with current sensibilities.


Abbie Stands’ new CD “Hope Comes Running”

 “Hope Comes Running” is Abbie Stands first album, capturing the beauty of her voice and more important, her message of hope! Abbie is about reaching out to other with her music in many ways, including her live performances that can be found on her Website. Released in February of 2013, she is already receiving rave reviews from so many piers in the music industry. Here are some samples;

“Abbie Stands is a natural talent! Her voice really amazed us in the studio, and she showed a perfect combination of traditional vocal power and contemporary silkiness. We know she will do great things for the Kingdom!” – Eric Copeland, President, Creative Soul, Nashville, TN


Abbie has a beautiful voice and great songs.”* – Keith Wilson, Founder of Praise His Name radio


“Abbie has the voice of an Angel which captivates your very soul in a way that expresses unconditional acceptance!” Ernie Meyer, owner and creator of B Hive Radio, Littleton, Colorado


Abbie Stands is Drawn back to her Faith!

Like so many of us in life, our path or direction is lost when pressures, temptations, and outside influences cloud our lives. We see today, Abbie Stands as a woman of strength, a rock hard to beat down, however, that was not always the case.

Abbie’s musical training began when she was still a child and continued into college where she majored in vocal performance, it was not until after college that Abbie felt the Lord drawing her to use her music for Him. Abbie says,

“After college I found myself lost, because I had strayed from my relationship with God and I did not know where my life was going. As my life was falling apart the Lord drew me to Him and I realized that every hope I have and will have stems from the Lord.

It was not until my Grandfather was diagnosed with cancer that I truly felt the Lord drawing me to use my music and voice to bring hope to the hopeless, to uplift the hearts of His children, and above all to bring glory to our Lord Jesus Christ. Since then I have been striving to do all those things with my music and ministry.”


Ever since the unexpected death of my own grandson have I felt the same in wanting to become closer to the Lord in my own way. I envy Abbie is a positive way in which she was able allow herself to be drawn closer to the Lord where as, I and still in a struggle mode. I personally do not think I found Abbie when searching for new unsigned musicians. She found me! Not by searching for lost souls like me but by making her music available to those whose hearts run heavy.

Thanks you Abbie Stands for touching the lives of others. You are helping me, and when you have helped just one, you become a total success!

Visit Abbie Stands on IndieHeaven for her music and more!

In addition to hearing her beautiful music on our Christian channel, I know you will want to know how to have her music in your collection.

Visit Abbie Stands here, the same place I found her!

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