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Here is what we do for our merchants!

B Hive Radio includes with your Paid2save (No Cost) Merchant account;

1) Commercials on multiple B Hive broadcasting channels

2) Listed on our Merchant page by Zip code for easy find

Find all the information on the link below. Have your business go viral on our Free mobile app. You have nothing to lose and customers to gain!

Free Commercials for businesses

 Be the first in your city, State, or Country to manage your very own Internet Radio. 

Discover how you can be part of our Internet Radio network by visiting our Paid2save menu or Free Radio Offer!


All music played on our B-Hive Network are from unsigned musicians who are looking for more exposure. All musicians understand that the B Hive Radio Network is not active in any royalty programs and as a result, do not pay royalty rights.
This is a free service to the unsigned musician for their exposure!


Our Radio site is NOW mobile responsive!